I want to direct your attention to this vicious attack on yours truly:

Zach Thompson, 20, of Waterloo, is a supporter who says he agrees Biden could unify the country. Thompson supported Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren before she dropped out of the race, and said Biden is less “divisive” than Sanders.
“It was just kind of a no-brainer that he was the unifying candidate and the one we need to defeat the divisiveness of Donald Trump,” said Thompson, an English education student at Missouri State University.
Joe Biden talks health care, gun control over sound of protesters at St. Louis event
Hundreds turned out on a sunny Saturday in St. Louis’ downtown Kiener Plaza to see former Vice President Joe Biden speak ahead of Missouri’s primary. 
Look folks, there's a brain in there. I swear there is. Really. I outta know.

I mean, that's just uncalled for. Denying my existance is the first step on the road to tyranny. People should show a bit more consideration for the Brain Community.